Appalachian Heat Squad

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Appalachia HEAT Squad® offers low cost energy audits, objective advice on ways to improve energy efficiency, access to qualified contractors, and financing options to homeowners of all incomes.


Energy Audits

During your Appalachia HEAT Squad® Energy Audit, you will learn:

  • Where you are losing heat

  • If your insulation is adequate

  • Where you are wasting electricity

  • If there are health and safety concerns (moisture, air quality, gas leaks, carbon monoxide)

  • Make Your Home More Comfortable by performing air sealing to reduce drafts, block air leakage, and installing insulation to create a warm home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer

In addition, your comprehensive energy report will detail prioritized recommendations, estimated energy savings, and cost ranges. We even help you find financing to complete the project and can help with rebates when available.

Save Money With Home Energy Improvements

The Appalachia HEAT Squad® is focused on helping you live comfortably and affordably in your home. After you complete a Home Energy Audit and identify the improvements that will deliver the greatest savings to your home energy costs, we can help you move forward with making these improvements.

Typically Recommended Improvements

Two improvements that nearly always get the biggest results for the investment are air sealing and adding insulation to the attic and basement. Your energy auditor can help you choose the energy improvements that make the most sense for your home, timeline, and budget.

  •  Air Sealing reduces air leakage. The materials commonly used are foam or caulk, applied to the top of the foundation wall (rim joist), any attic penetrations, windows, and doors.

  •  Upgraded insulation will increase comfort by retaining heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. The materials commonly used include spray foam, cellulose, and rigid board that can be applied to attics, basements, and walls.

  •  Replacement of old furnaces, boilers, or other equipment with energy efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units will help cut costs.

  •  Upgrading hot water systems with new efficient technology, such as a heat pump water heater, will help reduce costs.