The downloadable resources below will assist you in booking and preparing for a week of service with our organization. 

Volunteer Programs Packet

Volunteer Group Application

Volunteer Financial Agreement

Amenities Guide

Volunteer Info Form

Packing List

Safety Handout

Final Group Details Sheet

If you’re looking for a rewarding and meaningful service opportunity for yourself, or your group, we invite you to join our crew for a week of service and fun!

Volunteers have always been at the foundation of our efforts to provide housing to low income families in our area. We at HOMES, Inc. rely on the benevolent labor and finances of you, our volunteers. Your participation enables us to reach more households in need of our work.

HOMES, Inc. is able to count every volunteer hour as leverage for funding that we will compete for in the future. Volunteer fees are used to cover the overhead and direct expenses of the volunteer program and also contribute to our revolving HOMES, Inc. Home Loan Fund (HHLF).

Additionally, your time and financial contributions are a gift that we cherish. We are committed to being good stewards of those resources. HOMES, Inc. strives to be a volunteer hosting organization which provides unique opportunities for you to work "hands-on" in helping families with their housing needs. There are many difficult issues associated with rural poverty in the heart of Appalachia, and it has proved to be a life-changing experience for many of our volunteers.

The volunteer fee is $260 per volunteer per week. In order to guarantee the time you have scheduled with us and reserve a permanent spot on our calendar, a $65 per person non-refundable deposit is required to be sent along when you return your group application via U.S. mail.

An additional $65 per person deposit must be received 30 days before your first scheduled work day at HOMES, Inc. If the deposit is not received, we cannot guarantee the week you tentatively have scheduled. The remaining volunteer fee of $130 per person will be paid upon your arrival to the Volunteer Facility.

How Are The Fees Used?
Volunteer fees are used to cover the administrative and operational overhead and direct expenses (housing and materials) of the volunteer program; the remainder of the collected fees are committed to the revolving HOMES, Inc. Home Loan Fund (HHLF) for continuing assistance for our clients. While some tasks that you are involved in may not require much funding, other expensive projects require much more funding than provided by your volunteer fee. Your fee allows HOMES, Inc. to assist low income families that in any other circumstance could not be assisted.

What will my week at HOMES, Inc. entail?
During your week at HOMES, Inc., you will work four 10-hour days, with a whole day off either on Wednesday or Friday to rest and enjoy the culture and beauty of the mountains.

Each project is supervised and led by our HOMES, Inc. field staff team. These team members are dedicated to the service that they provide. They labor year-round to rehabilitate owner-occupied housing and construct new housing. Without them, your volunteer experience would not be possible. Each member of this permanent crew is a job foreman. Many volunteers have developed lasting friendships with this team, and have often benefited from the field staff’s perspective on local issues.

Due to the evolving nature of our project requests, it is not possible to provide you with specific information regarding the projects you will be assigned to. However, the work is typically anything to do with rehabilitation, new construction, demolition, or capital projects on the volunteer facility’s grounds.

Your group will stay at our HOMES, Inc. Volunteer Headquarters located in Neon, Kentucky. Our staff refers to the facility as “the hill,” and it is located in the Goose Creek area of Neon. This area is where HOMES, Inc. originated. Our first offices were located there, and several of our initial projects are located near the volunteer facilities. Many of the ranch homes that you will see as you arrive in Neon were built by HOMES, Inc. a decade ago with the use of volunteers just like you. 

Our unique facilities are located on a converted mine site that was vacated in the 1960s. The mine was called Big Chief Mine operated by South East Coal Company, a major coal producer during that time period. We are very proud of our site’s history; there is a map on the wall of the facilities that show the extent of the Big Chief Mine operation, and if you look in the warehouse by the old dorm rooms, you can still see the narrow-gauge rail tracks that are visible on the concrete floor.

In the main warehouse building, there is a kitchen area stocked with cookware and appliances, a community dining/recreational area, and a half-court basketball area. A separate shower house divided into men’s and women’s facilities, is located near the sleeping quarters, and is available for use in late spring and summer.

We have three (3) volunteer cottages, two (2) are designated sleeping cottages which have their own bathroom, and the remaining one (1) cottage is a common recreation area that is furnished with a kitchen and a small coin operated laundry area. Each designated sleeping cottage can accommodate 16-20 individuals per cottage for a total of thirty-six (36). We house groups of 35 or less in this area.

Available Dates For available dates for your volunteer group check out HOMES, Inc.’s Calendar Page.

Find the Volunteer Facility
The physical address to the volunteer facility is 180 Ball Park Road, Neon, Kentucky 41840.

Contact Jackie Joseph at (606) 632-1717 Ext. 301 or jackiejoseph8961@bellsouth.net to discuss available volunteering opportunities and book a week of experiential service for your group. Also, take a look at the Volunteer Programs Packet for more information.