About Us

Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Service, Inc. (HOMES, Inc.) is a private, non-profit 501 (c) (3) located in Whitesburg, Kentucky, with an outpost in neighboring Neon, Kentucky. We are located in the southeast corner of Kentucky, bordering Virginia and Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

HOMES, Inc.’s name is actually an acronym. But, in all respects, “homes” is what our name implies. We help provide a home for many low-income families that otherwise would not be able to attain a home of their own.

HOMES, Inc. has been in existence since 1984 as the Whitesburg Home Repair Program (a home repair service program operated by the Mennonite Central Committee) and East Kentucky Housing Development Corporation (an affordable housing corporation in existence since 1967) merged to provide affordable housing to low income families in Letcher County, Kentucky, and surrounding counties that have significant needs.

It is not uncommon for HOMES, Inc. to service other counties which are closely similar in demographic make-up, including Floyd, Knott, Pike and Harlan.


In the ensuing three decades since HOMES, Inc. was established in 1984, the organization and its dedicated team of staff and volunteers has built 241 newly constructed homes. Each year, HOME’s Inc. repairs an average of 50 owner-occupied homes, and maintains 50 affordable rental units. HOMES, Inc. is committed to continuing to improve the available housing inventory within our community, as well as to provide safe and proper housing for the service area.


Our organization is committed to the spirit of service through addressing the most basic need necessary for a healthy and productive body and spirit…the provision of shelter and a safe and inviting space to live and plan for a brighter future.  Whether the work is performed through our staff, or legions of selfless volunteers, we hope to instill a sense of pride, giving and serve as examples of the far-reaching impact and joy of servant leadership in the areas within which we work.


HOMES, Inc.'s mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to low income families in Letcher and surrounding counties. These affordable housing solutions include energy efficient homebuyer opportunities, quality home repairs and rental opportunities.